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    Sierra Army Depot, CA Museums

    Lassen, Shasta, Modoc, Plumas, and Sierra counties have a fairly large number of small museums, mostly local history and culture museums

    Lassen County Museums

    The Big Valley Museum, in Bieber (no relation), is a local history museum featuring artifacts from native people and early settlers of this area.

    Lassen Historical Museum is another local history museum, in Susanville, and next to Roop's Fort, where some early settlers rode out an attack by anti-immigration Paiute tribe members.

    The Susanville Railroad Depot keeps artifacts and items from the age of rail, when most of the local industry timber was shipped out by train. Today this depot is at the head of the Bizz Johnson rail-trail, with bikes available to rent.

    The Westwood Museum, in Westwood California, is a local history museum with a variety of items, artifacts, photos, and odd stuff. This is a quirky, very local, and should not be confused with the one in Los Angeles.

    A search for Shasta County Museums, Modoc County Museums, Plumas County Museums, and Sierra County Museums may turn up other history museums, often on mining, railroad, local native culture, local settler culture, and sometimes odd subjects.

    The Modoc County History Museum includes a larger collection of historic items, including native and settler items, but also has an extra interesting collection of firearms from the 15th Century through the middle 20th Century, one of the largest firearms collections in California, including a blunderbuss, 10-gauge shotguns, and a three-gauge shotgun. The museum also has an iron lung, branding iron collection, old glass bottles, a steam engine, and various other curiosities.